2008 Pool Lifeguard Challenge - Sponsored by AVP Commercial Pools     

 The 2008 Pool Lifeguard Challenge was held on Friday the 21st of November at Challenge Stadium by Royal Life Saving and the Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics). 

The challenge was accepted by seven exceptional pool lifesaving outfits from centres around the wider metropolitan area to test their teamwork and skills against one another.  This year’s outstanding event was bigger and better than ever with all teams professionally committing to the three challenges, resulting in exciting and close competition between teams all day.

The three challenges included the super lifeguard race, a team relay and the much anticipated emergency simulation which included multiple distressed swimmers and distractions.  The three challenges thoroughly tested competitors on their physical fitness levels, reaction times and first aid skills. 


Over the duration of the three events teams were judged by trainers from Royal Life Saving and their score then ranked them in an overall position.

Jeff Fondacaro President of LIWA and Mark Harper from AVP Commercial Pools presented the trophies to the winning team from the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, captained by Matthew Crabtree.  Following the winning team was both Fremantle Leisure Centre and Beatty Park Leisure Centre who amazingly tied in second place. In third place was Aqua Jetty.

The huge support from AVP Commercial Pools has ensured the successful running of this year’s event.  Further more, their ongoing support play’s a vital role towards expanding the Pool Lifeguard Challenge concept from a West Australian operation into a major national event.

 2008 Pool Lifeguard Challenge Results

Team Simulation
1. Beatty Park Leisure Centre
2. Fremantle Leisure Centre
3. Kwinana Recreation and Aquatic Centre

Team Relay
1. Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre
2. Fremantle Leisure Centre
3. Beatty Park Leisure Centre

Super Lifeguard
1. Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre 
2. Aqua Jetty
3. Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Cragie Leisure Centre and Fremantle Leisure Centre

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