Bulletin #75 - Girl hurt in Qld Pool     

Below is the relevant Pool Safety Guideline

SU 1.14 - Supervision of Inflatable Play Equipment.

To provide guidance in the use and supervision of inflatable play equipment.


Various types of inflatable play equipment will require specific supervision, given that they restrict vision through the water, attract congregating people, may be foreign to some bathers and increase the potential risk.

a] Where practical, large inflatable toys should be anchored to prevent them moving in the pool.

b] The method of anchorage should minimise any hazard to users.

c] Attention should be given to the possible risks of entanglement in anchoring ropes.

All floating equipment should be carefully positioned so that users cannot fall from equipment to the pool side or strike the pool edge.

The equipment should be in sufficiently deep water so that a swimmer who falls off will not be injured by striking the pool bottom.

The use of large inflatable play equipment during peak bather loads should be avoided.

The water area into which the inflatable play equipment is to be located should be free of lap swimmers thus reducing potential for injury.

Air hoses, air pumps and electrical cords should be positioned to avoid the risk of trips and falls.

a] Electrical appliances and cords should be kept away from water and swimmers at all times.

b] Electrical General Purpose Outlets (GPOs) located on the pool deck and into which are connected air pumps should be connected to an earth leakage protection circuit.

Inflatable play equipment should be kept under constant direct supervision at all times. (refer also Guideline SU 1)

At the end of each use the inflatable should not be left unattended or unsupervised while in a usable condition.

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